Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Makeup Styles

Many people find it easier to follow step by step directions for creating a certain look when it comes to makeup designs because I have surly used YouTube to teach me how to create a certain look. Whether it be directions on how to create a smokey eye look , the cat key or a naturally clean look. Makeup tutorials have come a long way. Many may even say that these tutorials are a way to get your foot in the door and allow someone to experience the makeup industry by getting critic's as well as good feed back on their own work from people. I for one have loved the whole Kim K. smokey eye look that by far is my favorite makeup style

Who doesn't love to make themselves up to look as fabulous as the person standing next to them. With a dramatic clean look to your makeup design you can create a very sexy and seductive look to your eyes no matter what shape. With the different shading you can create a fun going out look that would look fabulous on any night out on the town.

"The Cat Eye" is one makeup design that has come to be very popular this year. Although I have always been one to love this look it has surely been one to pop up everywhere! Its the "in look" now.

Creating that natural look is one that is easy to achieve, and very simple to follow. Although not everyone knows what colors are suitable for them to create that natural look. Too many people tend to go over the top with their makeup and splotch it to make a very caked on look. People learn that a little goes a longgggg way when it come to makeup!

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